21 November 2013

No. 34 -- 11 May 1932

Mr. N.A. Hughes,
C/o Y.M.C.A. College,
5315 Drexel Avenue,

My dear Noel,

We were very delighted to get your letter of March 27th written on Easter Sunday. Even though you may have to work on Sundays to earn your living, I imagine that cannot be helped under the special circumstances you are facing. We are very delighted to have your assurance that you have completed satisfactory work over the winter quarter. Perhaps when you write you might tell us exactly what your results have been in all subjects each quarter, and in that way we will be able to follow your progress more easily.

I hope to post more on Noel's school work
soon. Also, see my previous article on
I understand you still have some portion of you high school work to complete. Perhaps you will tell us how far you have advanced with your back work. When will you be accepted in full status as a student?

We are more than pleased to know that you have managed to keep body and soul together and that the work provided for you in the college and elsewhere has been sufficient to meet your actual needs. We will be greatly relieved when we hear that you have been able to cover your needs during the summer vacation. I hope it will be possible for you to maintain your connection with the Fraternity, especially if you get your full status as student this year. While it may cost money to retain your identity with the Fraternity, it has certain social advantages which I know mean a good deal to you. I would hesitate before I decided not to link up as you suggest in your letter.

By this time the weather conditions will have changed for the better and I hope with the coming of the warmer months your clothing may prove to be more suitable than it did over the winter.