24 April 2013

No. 33 -- 27 April 1932

Mr. N.A. Hughes,
C/o Y.M.C.A. College,
5315 Drexel Avenue,

My dear Noel,

In my last letter to you I mentioned that we had not received a letter by that mail. It arrived the day after, so that I am acknowledging it now. We did not get a letter by the mail delivered yesterday, although I did receive a short note from Clive Glover.

We are naturally anxious to hear how you got on in the examinations for the winter term. I know it will take a little time before results are made available, but we cannot help expressing a hope that you were able to carry your subjects through successfully.

I rather like the idea of you English paper on "Conditions in England preceding the formation of the Young Men's Christian Association in London." That should give you an excellent background for a study of the inauguration of our work. We cannot appreciate the philosophy of the Young Men's Christian Association unless we have a knowledge of the soil out of which the Movement grew.