24 April 2013

No. 33 -- 27 April 1932

Mr. N.A. Hughes,
C/o Y.M.C.A. College,
5315 Drexel Avenue,

My dear Noel,

In my last letter to you I mentioned that we had not received a letter by that mail. It arrived the day after, so that I am acknowledging it now. We did not get a letter by the mail delivered yesterday, although I did receive a short note from Clive Glover.

We are naturally anxious to hear how you got on in the examinations for the winter term. I know it will take a little time before results are made available, but we cannot help expressing a hope that you were able to carry your subjects through successfully.

I rather like the idea of you English paper on "Conditions in England preceding the formation of the Young Men's Christian Association in London." That should give you an excellent background for a study of the inauguration of our work. We cannot appreciate the philosophy of the Young Men's Christian Association unless we have a knowledge of the soil out of which the Movement grew.

In the letter that I received from Clive, he also expressed sorrow that your work at Kenwood Church had terminated. Perhaps with the coming of the summer months, it may be possible for you to find other remunerative work, because I quite recognise the fact that to commence your new year's work you must have a considerable sum of money available to meet all you necessary expenses.

I hope the job at College Camp materialises. The idea of working for your keep is alright as a stop-gap if you are forced to that position, but it is clear, money must be available for you to resume your studies in September, and unless you can earn during the summer months, you will not be in a position to adequately meet the situation.

I was interested in your account of the College Gym. Nite. You have seen a number of the excellent displays the Association in Melbourne has put on at Circus time, and would, therefore, be somewhat critical of any weaknesses in the programme of the College Gym. Nite. Why not make your suggestions to the proper authorities so that they may be considered.

I was very pleased to hear that you have been keeping in contact with Andrew Garrod. I think it might be a wise thing for you to keep in close touch with him in case you get the opportunity of visiting New York when you might find his assistance of considerable help to you.

Thank you for the pamphlet on the "Jerusalem Y". I was very interested in it and it gave me information I had not before received.

I had a letter from John Cook the other day, in which he expressed sorrow that you were so far away from them. It would be a great delight to have you visit them at times. Of course, he insists that before you return to Australia you should visit New York and of course stay with him. He mentioned that he had had a letter from President Jenkins, asking him to go to Lake Geneva in the coming summer for some work along Endowment lines, but he doubted whether it would be possible for him to go.

Now just a little home news. Rex is still away in Sydney and we have not definite news concerning his return. The last letter we received from him stated that he expected to be away for about another fortnight. The fortnight has gone and we have no additional news.

Keith finished up his job on Friday, the 30th April. I supposes we must be pleased that has has had 4 1/2 months' work, although just exactly what he will do in the future is at present unknown. With the winter opening  it looks as if he will have another long period of enforced idleness, but we hope something will turn up for him.

Ruth has gone away for a bit of a spell. She is much improved and we are hoping that it many not be necessary for her to have a long holiday, although the medical advice was the she should have a lengthy rest.

Mother is keeping exceedingly well. It would not do for her to be ill just now.

The kiddies are O.K. Edith is to have her 12th birthday on the 7th May, and of course she wants a party. Unfortunately for her she has to sit for a music examination at the Conservatorium on the morning of her birthday. She has been working pretty hard in preparation, so I hope she will be successful in getting through.  I am afraid she will have to wait a week or two for her party as on the same night we have a Mother and Son Social at the Y.M., and another one on the following Saturday, so that it looks as if her party will have to be postponed until towards the end of the month.

I am enclosing a copy of the arrangements in connection with the Rotary Boys' and Girls' Week, which I thought might interest you. I am also sending to you a full report of the Conference held at Geelong, which I attended. It was a great affair and the newspaper gives a pretty full report of it, so that I will not travel over the ground again.

I had a letter other other day from Fred. Kennard, who asks this question -- "I wonder if you could inform me if Professor J.M.P. Smith is still at Chicago University. Perhaps you will oblige me by asking Noel when you are next writing to him."

I wonder if you could look up the University Calendar and find out Smith's exact address and let me have it so that I could send it on to Kennard as he requests.

We get quite a number of enquiries from the members concerning  yourself. They are always interested to hear just how you are getting along.

I have not been able to do anything with the Amplifier. As soon As Rex returns from Sydney, I will discuss with him the question of dismantling it and selling the parts for what we can get for them. I hesitate to hand the thing over as you suggested in one letter, to our radio Club, as I know quite well that you need the money. If i can get even a few pounds for the valves, transformers, etc. it will be of some help to you, rather than to give it away.

In the Association we are still having difficult times. The position has not eased in the slightest, in fact it has steadily grown worse. I am afraid we shall have to consider almost immediately additional economies, so as to stave off action by the Bank. There has been no improvement in the Residential Department position, but rather the reverse. The number of casuals has dropped still further. The Cafeteria is also in the "doldrums" and membership has also shown a substantial decrease.

All of these factors combined create a situation without parallel in our experience.

The Prefects' Consecration Service last Sunday night was a remarkable gathering, and everybody is speaking in the highest terms of it. It was held a the Independent Church, Collins Street.

Anzac Day Celebration was also a remarkable even with nearly 25000 men participating in the March.

I must close off now. You know we all united in love to you. It is so difficult to realise that you have been away nearly a year. I wish it were possible for me to send you help to make things a little easier for you, but frankly just at the present moment  it cannot be done, and I can only express the hope that you will be able to maintain yourself in the expectation that later on  I may be able to do a little for you. In the meantime I am sorry to say it cannot be done. While I have said this I want you to definitely understand that if ever you are really up against it you must let me know without delay.

We all unite in our love and best wishes,

Yours affectionately,

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