29 January 2014

No. 35 -- 24 May 1932

Mr. N.A. Hughes,
C/o Y.M.C.A. College,
5315 Drexel Avenue,

My dear Noel,

Your letter of April 10th reached me yesterday. We were all glad to hear from you again. We are very happy to hear that you managed to get though your subjects satisfactorily. We note that you are taking 2 1/2 majors during the Spring quarter. The idea of taking up the handicraft work seem to be quite good, especially if it will enable you to earn a further measure of self-support. I suppose you will use it in some type of Boys' work.

It will be a relief to us to know that you have covered the summer period in some way as far as employment is concerned. I think you have done remarkably well to close the winter quarter free of debt, and that you have expectations that you will meet your needs during the Spring quarter.

"It is all right to think 
that your mouth can take
the place of a bank account, 
but the fact that you have 
gold in your teeth will not
fill your stomach with food!"

-- George WWB Hughes
on the subject of dentisty
We are sorry to hear that you had an accident with your teeth. It is an expensive business having these attended to. I got a bill the other day from Dr. Sharp for £12 covering certain repair work he had effected in my mouth. Keith must have a substantial bill also, as he has been in attendance upon Dr. Sharp for months past. Goodness knows how much will be involved. It is all right to think that your mouth can take the place of a bank account, but the fact that you have gold in your teeth will not fill your stomach with food!

You also acknowledged the receipt of my letter of March 16th. Since then we have given you regular news concerning Keith and Ruth, so there is no necessity for me to cover the same ground again.

I am not sure, but I have an idea that I sent you a copy of the newspaper giving details of the Sydney Bridge opening. Of course, you must be prepared to take your share of good nurtured banter when incidents like that occur.