05 October 2011

No. 12 -- 24 Aug 1931

Mr. N.A. Hughes,
C/o Y.M.C.A. College,
5315 Drexel Avenue,

My dear Noel,

I understand there is a mail leaving this afternoon, so I am taking a few minutes to drop you a few lines. There is not a great deal to pass on to you this mail, as it is only a week ago since we last wrote.

I had a letter from Merle Scott, who was formerly General Secretary at Honolulu, in which he stated that my letter to him advising him of you arrival there, had been forwarded to him at Eugene in Oregon, consequently he was not on hand to welcome you. That explains the reason why you were not met at the boat. The Association fellows at Honolulu did not know because there was not time for Mr. Scott to write to them between the receipt of my letter and your arrival.

We have had good word from Dr. Doggett, concerning the four Australians at Springfield. He writes in the highest terms of the four men -- Evans, McRae, Jones and Laing, and of course asks for more. I think you have got to do your share in building up a tradition in connection with the Chicago Y College. Now that Glover and yourself are in the student body, it is up to you to endeavor to secure the interest of other men so that the number at Chicago may be increased.

We had a visit from the Bendigo Y.M.C.A. Harriers on Saturday last. They ran from Bendigo to Melbourne, a distance of 100 miles in relays, and did the journey in 10 1/4 hours. It was an awful day with cold wind and heavy rain. The fellows had a very trying experience. That they put up such an excellent time is a really remarkable performance, for a club that has only been formed about two months.

We have a visit planned from the Ballarat fellows on September 12th when about 25 or 30 of them are coming down to a series of competitions in basketball, volleyball, billiards, swimming, etc. etc. This is helping to bring the provincial Associations into closer touch with our city work.

Ack Way seems to be doing a good job at Ballarat. I think I told you in my last letter that Alec. Spence had gone from our Leader Corps to the Ballarat Physical Directorship. By the way, I understand that Spence is likely to go to America for training later on.

You will remember David Unaipon, the aboriginal who has been living in the building. We have had a splendid lot of service from him in addressing groups of our members. Hundreds of them have been told the story of aboriginal life in the Northern part of South Australia.

You will be sorry to learn the Miss Ray lost her sister on the 19th August. She has been ill for a considerable time and passed away on that date. Matron and Mr. and Mrs. Pollock attended the funeral. A wreath was sent from the Association staff.

In the Suburban Auxiliaries Scheme, interest is intensifying, and it looks as if the Queen Carnival Competition will be a success. The Boys' Department held a function on Saturday night in which the Fathers' and Mothers' Clubs combined in a Games Night. There were about 130 present and a nett amount of between £3 and £4 was secured towards the Junior Department Queen. The Vikings have outlined a big list of functions, a copy of which I am enclosing. In connection with the Senior Queen (Kath. Lilford) organisation is getting under way and a number of social functions have been arranged. All this is creating considerable interest and I think will result in substantial help to the Association. It is probable that the Crowning Ceremony will take place on Saturday, October 17th, but that date has yet to be confirmed by the Executive.

Mr. Hines returned to work today, after about ten days illness, as the result of the accident to his knee. Walter Muston returned from illness on Saturday, although he is still far from well. George Briggs is still laid up and it looks as it will be some little time before we shall see him about again. Probably it will be the end of the week before he will be available for duty. All of this has thrown an added burden upon the front office staff, as there have been fewer men to take on extra duties.

Ern. Gollan is away at Buffalo with the Buffalo party. There are 22 who made the trip this year. They will return on Friday next.

There is little to report in connection with home affairs beyond what I gave you in my last letter. Keith has been working for the Texaco during the past week, but it looks as if this will finish on Wednesday at the latest. There are other ships to come and I suppose he will handle the cargo as before, that is unless he secures another job in the meantime.

Rex. is still at work, but I think he is getting to the "fed up" stage and I should not be surprised if he turns the job in any day. He states he has another job to go to.

Mrs. Harrison is staying with us again, but I do not know how long she will be with us. The kiddies are well and so is Ruth. Ruth said she would drop you a line by this mail. I hope she was able to do so.

You will receive this a week or so ahead of the time you commence work at college. I hope, old chap, that you have been well received and that you enjoy the prospects ahead. I sincerely hope a job has been found for you on a part time basis. From all I hear, conditions are not too good in Chicago, but I trust that a way will open so that you may find something that will "keep the pot boiling". Let me know immediately if you are in monetary difficulties.

We all unite in sending our warmest love,
Affectionately yours,

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