14 August 2012

No. 24 -- 5 Jan 1932

The family and Kath Lilford at Camp Manyung, January 1932.
(Back row, from left: George, Kath, Mother.
Front row, from left: Joyce, Edith)

(Note: The following letter is hand written on Melbourne YMCA letterhead.)

Camp Manyung
Jan. 5, 1932

My dear Noel,

This is just a brief note as we are now at Camp. The Senior Camp had about 50 fellows and now at the Community Camp which lasts for two weeks we expect to have nearly 30. Some are to come in later as the camp lasts for two weeks. At present there are 24 in Camp. We came into Camp yesterday arriving here about 12.30.

Mother, Joy and Edie are with me. Mr & Mrs Burge Sr., Ivor and his wife, the two Laurie girls, Kath & Dorrie, Mrs. Polock & two of her children (two more are coming down tomorrow), Harold Greenwood, Jim Wilson (of Dormitory Dept), J Kenwood, J Wilkinson, J Maides, Harry O'Neill, Eric Dennio, Tom Lynch (Cook) & Bill Burke (Tom's brother in law). Mrs Roberts (Mrs. Burge's sister) will be down on Saturday.

We are a merry party & the weather is magnificent. Last night we had a sing-song followed by a Picture Show. The meals are excellent & I think we shall have a really good holiday.

Unfortunately, Keith could not come down on account of his job. He cannot afford to lose it for the sake of a holiday. Rex is away again in one of the country districts. Ruth does not like the idea of missing the Camp but she hasn't a hope of getting away from the hospital.

We all went in for a bath before lunch -- it was great! The water was warm & smooth. The Girl Guides are on the far shore in Camp but of course they are not allowed even to bathe at the same time as our fellows.

We all unite in sending our love. We are anxiously waiting for letters telling us of your doings.

Yours affectionately,

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