20 August 2011

No. 2 -- 23 June 1931

Mr. N. A. Hughes,
C/o Y.M.C.A,
325 Pitt Street,

My dear Noel,

I am enclosing a card of introduction to Mr. Gordon Virgo, son of Mr. J. J. Virgo. You will notice from the address that Gordon is the Superintendent of the Palama Settlement near Honolulu. I would suggest that you ring him on the phone and, if possible, make an arrangement to see him if only for a minute or two. He will be glad to welcome you I know, especially for his father's sake. I have known Gordon Virgo for many years and of course had contact with him in London during the war. He was then an officer of the Canadian Y.M.C.A.
The original letter on YMCA letterhead.

Miss Yates gave you the list of introductions which should prove of use to you for rapid reading, especially when you are at the Conference. You will hear of many of these men and I would suggest that you endeavour to make contact with most of them when you have the opportunity.

I had a letter from Alec. Moodie this morning and I would suggest that early on the voyage, you propose to Alec. that you should meet daily to consider the outlines prepared by the World's Committee on the Conference subjects. This will be a useful thing for you to do, and Moodie's long experience in Association world should help to clarify many of the problems dealt with in the outlines.

Letter from Chas. F. Grosby of the
Melbourne YMCA accepting
Noel's resignation as he leaves for
the United States.
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I am specially anxious that you should let me know what your address will be immediately you conclude the Cleveland Conference. If you get any jobs offered to you, please write immediately do that we may be able to send to you direct during the period between the close of the Conference and the Commencement at the College.

I had a ring from Mr. Boyer of the C.P.R. this morning to say that the insurance of your baggage requires a further payment of 5/2d. They forget to charge you the difference in the exchange rate on the premium. This I am paying, so you need not worry about it.

Of course you will ring up your relatives as soon as possible. My suggestion to you is to pay your visits not later than Wednesday night, so that you have Thursday morning free to attend to your own affairs. It would be a good plan to leave for the boat about 2 o'clock so that you can take everything direct to your cabin on arrival at the ship, and thus save all the mad rush at the end.

Noel's letter of introduction from
F.D. Trainor, the National General Secretary
of the Australian YMCA.
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Little Edith came to me this morning and said that she was crying for you during the night. You can readily understand their feelings and our own just now. Mother has not said a great deal but I know quite well that she is feeling the parting very acutely. I can only suggest, old fellow, that you will drop her a line before you leave, so that she might hear from you at once.

Please remember me to all the folk in Sydney, and of course to Mr. Swainson and the members of the staff.

With warm love,


P.S.  This afternoon Keith brought in your wristlet watch. I think it would be a good plan for you to take this with you, so I have packed it separately and have addressed it to the boat. Please do not fail to make enquiry regarding it when you arrive on board. I thought it might miss you at the Y.M.C.A.

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