24 August 2011

No. 4 -- 18 June 1931

Mr. N. A. Hughes,
Passenger, R.M.S. "Niagara"
HONOLULU. Hawaiian Islands.

My dear Noel,

Only another week and you will be setting your foot on Canadian soil. I hope you had a thoroughly good time at Honolulu. My two visits to Honolulu were full of interest. No doubt you met the Association men, and I hope they were able to extend some courtesies to you.

Honolulu is a beautiful place, and I know you will feel as I did -- that you wish the boat would give you another few days, so that you might have longer time to enjoy its beauties.

I suppose you went to the Pali and also to the Waikiki Beach, the Japanese Gardens, the Aquarium and other points of interest. It is a great place to visit.

You will have shaken down to the routine of shipboard life. Usually at Honolulu, quite a number of Americans join the ship and you have a new set of passengers to become acquainted with. I am hoping that some of the Association fellows will be travelling on the ship to the Conference, although they may travel in another class. You may be able to establish some degree of contact with them. It would be fine to try and arrange an occasional group meeting, so that you may chew over with the Americans, any of the matters you have discussed together in preparation for the Conferences.

I found on my trips abroad, that it was a wonderful help to have regular group meeting to discuss mutual problems.

I suppose you have had a good programme of sports, entertainments, etc. On some of the ships very elaborate programs are arranged, and the interest culminates in the last week or so, just prior to arrival at the port of destination.

George's letter of introduction for Noel.
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If the ship calls at Victoria, I would suggest, if you have time, that you visit the Association building and meet Mr. Wilson, the Secretary. I think he is still General Secretary at that centre. It is probable that at Victoria, the Agent of the C.P.R. may arrive on the ship. Establish contact with him as quickly as possible, so that all the details in connection with landing arrangements are attended to.

Mr. Stanley Brent, the Secretary at Vancouver Y, is a man I know personally, and I am sure he will be helpful in every way open to him. You might consult him with regard to where you should stay overnight. The little hotel that I stayed at was called the Dusnmuir, where the rates were very reasonable, and it was fairly close to the Y building.

You will, of course, do your utmost to conserve the little cash you have. Watch the multitude of small expenses. They soon run away with a lot of money in the end.

I mention these things simply because I am anxious that you should arrive at Chicago College with as much cash as you possibly can. You know how important it is, and I will trust your judgment to the right thing in this connection.

As all of these letters have been sent on ahead of you, naturally I have not been able to give you any home news, and you will not be able to receive any until you have arrived at Toronto or Cleveland. I may even be later than that before a mail can make contact with  you. I would suggest that you leave your address for forwarding mail at the Toronto Central Y.M.C.A., also at the Cleveland Central Y.M.C.A.

You will have a wonderful time going through the Rockies, and I envy you the trip as it is one of the most remarkable railway journeys to be had anywhere in the World.

Make all the contacts you can with delegates travelling to the Conference. You will find it well worth your while to keep a record of the names and addresses of people you meet in this way, because later on you will want to write to them.

I must close now. You know that all of us are thinking of you, and we pray God's richest blessing upon you in your journeyings.

With warm love,

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