18 August 2011

Preface by Noel A Hughes, January 1936

This is the original preface to the first volume of letters, covering June 1931 to December 1935.

In assembling these letters into a bound volume I have four objectives in mind.

To record, first, the words of advice to and concern for me shown by my father during my student days at George Williams College, Chicago, Illinois where I entered as a Freshman October 1931.

Second, the family history during the period of my student days when I was unable to participate in our home life back in Melbourne, Australia.

Third, the progress and development of the Melbourne Young Men's Christian Association during the period of great economic stress.

Fourth, to record indirectly, my experiences during my travels, college days, and early married life.

Unfortunately, this volume is not complete because many letters have been lost, but, this I feel, does not materially decrease the effectiveness of the record.

Owing to the uncertainty of my future movements and to the fact that my education has not yet been concluded, this volume does not cover the total period of my sojourn in the United States of America.

January 1936.

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