29 August 2011

No. 6 -- 23 June 1931

Mr. Noel A. Hughes, (of Melbourne, Australia)
C/o Mr. Fred. J. Smith,
Executive Secretary,
College Street,

My dear Noel,

Well, I suppose you have had a remarkably interesting journey so far. I know the run through the Canadian Rockies will remain a vivid memories for years to come.

Then your contacts with the beauties of Lake Louise and Banff will also please you.

I hope it was possible for you to meet Mr. Archie Kirkpatrick at Winnipeg. He is a New Zealander who did particularly well at Chicago Y College. He would be delighted to talk over Australian conditions with you.

Fred. Smith, the Executive Secretary oat Toronto Central is one of my old friends of the war days. Fred. and I were very intimate in London. He was heading up the Canadian Y.M.C.A. and I the New Zealand, and we frequently met each other on the business of the Association and in a personal way. I am sure you will find him a warm friend and that he will do all he possibly can to be of assistance to you while you are in his centre.

Another good friend of mine is Mr. Ernie Best; you might ask Fred. Smith where he is and perhaps the opportunity may come for you to meet him also.

If you get the opportunity I would suggest that you visit Toronto University and look over Hart House which was the centre where A. J. Edmonds was Physical Director. This might serve as an introduction for you to get permission to go through  the buildings.

I suppose you will have met the boys from Springfield and also Ern. Saunders. Please convey to them all my warmest regards.

Noel's certificate that he is a delegate to
the 1931 World's Conferences of YMCAs.
(click photo to enlarge or view on Flickr)
Now, I hope you will enter into the Conference with the desire to get out of it the absolute limit in the way of help and inspiration. It will be a wonderful chance to meet many of the great leaders of our Movement from practically all countries of the World. You will be glad to make these contacts as they may mean a great deal to you in the future and I would suggest that you cultivate every opportunity in that direction.

Some of the fellows will be attending the Boys' Work Conference, but I suggest that in view of your desire to take up Secretarial work, that the Younger Men's  problems would probably be of more help to you than the Boys' Conference discussions.

Letter from F.D. Trainor of the
National Committee of YMCAs of Australia
certifying Noel is an official delegate.
(click photo to enlarge or view on Flickr)
Seek out the men who were on the New York Headquarters staff, such men as Arthur N. Cotton, Abel Gregg and C.C. Robinson. Don't forget our old friend, E.M. Robinson, who visited Australia in 1925. He is now on the professorial staff of the Springfield College. It is possible that Professor Hartley Cross (an Australian) also on the Faculty at Springfield, will be present.

When you visit Buffalo, look up A.H. Witford, 45 West Mohawk St., who has retired from association service, but is still regarded as one of the great leaders in our Movement.

Ask Mr. Spaeth of Buffalo Y to make the contact for you. Don't forget to pay your registration fee of 15 dollars promptly on arrival.

By this time you may have received one or two suggestions regarding work in between Cleveland and Chicago. Consult Alec. Moodie and Fred. Smith on any offers you may receive. I have written Fred. Smith asking him to see if anything can be done for you. His advice will be sound.

When you go through to Cleveland, don't forget to make contact with Clarence Deeter, Apartment Secretary of the Central Y building. Give him my greetings. Please do not think that I am full of instructions in my letters, I simply desire to remind you of certain things so that you may benefit by your contacts with men of note in our work. It is so easy, in the rush of a Conference with scores of group meetings in progress, to lose one of the big by-products of the Conference which is found in the fellowship with men who are leaders in our work.

This letter goes with you on the "Niagara" and should be awaiting your arrival at Toronto. Capitalise every opportunity.

With our united love,


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